KONG Dog Toy Extreme Goodie Ribbon Dog Toy Medium 7-15 Kilo -7″ inch long

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A treasure chest of chewing. A unique bone shape and durable Kong Extreme rubber satisfies and rewards natural chewing instincts while providing a durable solution that keeps dogs busy. Stuff Kong Extreme Goodie Ribbons four compartments with treats and the Goodie Gripper grooves inside make removing nibbles a mentally demanding puzzle for dogs. Ideal for filling with Kong Easy Treat, Kong Snacks or favourite kitchens.

Size is Medium and it is heavy weight –
note toys are suitable for pets who love to chew to dispense treats, not suitable for very aggressive chewers,
The ribbons have 4 chambers which can be inserted with treats or doggy peanut butter etc to allow dogs to satisfy there chewing instincts.
Did you know chewing toys etc releases a happy hormone in most dogs, some dogs chew for satisfaction and these certainly would tick the boxes for most larger dogs.
It is a hard wearing rubber so although very tough it can be destroyed and every toy has a life span. Please bear in mind especially for power chewers.
We cannot be responsible if you purchase this toy and give it to your dog, your dog then proceeds to destroy it. I am sorry we cannot control your dogs own chewing instincts and we recommend supervision , do not leave your dog unattended with toys.

We are an authorised KONG reseller

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