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Delivery Charges

What are the delivery charges?

Delivery is free on orders over £60 for standard pet products to UK Mainland and parts of Scotland only £6.99 for orders under £50. *weight restrictions may apply. Whelping boxes to UK Mainland incur a shipping fee from +£15.99 each. We charge a large parcel service on the larger sized whelping boxes since these are a sent on a specialist service.

Please visit our delivery page to check your postal code. Or email us

What are you doing about Covid-19 – please see our updates which are on the home page for latest information. If you have any questions please email us.

What are the standard sizes for your whelping boxes / weaning pens?
What size whelping box/pen is recommended for my breed?

How much do you charge for a custom-made whelping box?

What are Warwick whelping boxes made of?
How high are the puppy rails (pig rails) from the floor?
What are the internal dimensions?
How thick are the walls?
How high is the door opening off the floor?
What cleaners can be used?
How is the Warwick whelping box assembled?


What payment methods do you accept?
How long does delivery take?


What are the standard sizes for your whelping boxes / weaning pens?

All whelping boxes / weaning pens are available in the following standard sizes:

Deluxe Whelping Box

XSmall – 24″ x 24″ x 12.5″

XSmall – 24″ x 24″ x 16.5″

X Small – 24″ x 24″ x 24″

Small – 30″ x 24″ x 12.5″

Small – 30″ x 24″ x 16.5″

Small – 30″ x 24″ x 24″

Small/Medium – 30″ x 30″ x 12.5″

Small/Medium – 30″ x 30″ x 16.5″

Small/Medium – 30″ x 30″ x 24″

Medium – 36″ x 24″ X 12.5″

Medium – 36″ x 24″ X 16.5″

Medium – 36″ x 24″ x 24″

Large – 36″ X 36″ X 12.5″

Large – 36″ X 36″ X 16.5″

Large – 36″ X 36″ X 24″

Large – 48″ x 36″ x 12.5″

Large – 48″ x 36″ x 16.5″

Large/Extra Large – 40″ X 40″ X 12.5″

Large/Extra Large – 40″ X 40″ X 16.5″

Large/Extra Large – 40″ X 40″ X 24″

Extra Large – 48″ X 48″ X 12.5″

Extra Large – 48″ X 48″ X 16.5″

Extra Large – 48″ X 48″ X 24″

Ultimate Whelping Box

Extra Large – 46″ x 46″ x 24″

Extra Extra Large – 60″ x 46″ x 24″

Ultimate Whelping Box and pen

46″ x 46″ x 24″ / Pen 46″ x 36″ x 19″

60″ x 46″ x 24″ / Pen 60″ x 36″ x 19″

Superior Whelping Box

24″ x 24″ x 24″

30″ x 24″ x 24″

30″ x 30″ x 24″

36″ x 36″ x 24″

Pinnacle Whelping Box

30″ x 24″ x 12.5″ (Suited to Toy/Small Breeds Only)

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What size whelping box/pen is recommended for my breed?

We often get asked for the right sized whelping box for the breed of dog, so we have put together a guide which we hope will assist in helping you decide. Size is a very important decision, so if you need any further advice, then please contact us.
These sizes are for guidance purposes only, as no two dogs are the same, and we cannot be responsible for incorrect ordering. If any doubt, please ask. We are always happy to help!
We also manufacture bespoke sizes, so if you’re unable to find a box you feel is suitable for your pet, then please e-mail us or telephone us and we’ll be more than happy to help.

AiredaleLargeExtra Large
Alapaha Blue Blood BulldogLargeExtra-Large
Alaskan MalamuteLargeExtra-Large
Alpine DachsbrackeLarge
American BulldogExtra-Large
American EskimoExtra-Large
American FoxhoundExtra-Large
American Pit Bull TerrierExtra Large
American StaffordshireMediumLarge
American Water SpanielMediumLarge
Anatolian ShepherdExtra-Large
Anglo-Francais De Petit VenerieMedium
Appenzell Mountain DogMediumLarge
Argentine DogoExtra-Large
Ariege PointerLarge
Australian Cattle DogMediumLarge
Australian GreyhoundExtra-Large
Australian KelpieLargeExtra large
Australian ShepherdLargeExtra large
Australian TerrierMedium
Austrian PinscherLargeExtra Large
Auvergne PointerLargeExtra Large
AzawakhExtra large
Balkan HoundLarge
Basset Artesian NormandLarge
Basset Blue De GascogneLarge
Basset Fauve de BretgneLarge
Basset HoundLarge
Bavarian Mountain HoundExtra Large
Beagle HarrierLarge
Bearded CollieLarge
Bedlington TerrierMediumLarge
Belgian MalinoisExtra-Large
Belgian SheepdogLarge
Belgian TervuranExtra-Large
Berger De PicardLarge
Berner LufhundExtra Large
Bernese Mountain DogExtra-Large
Bichon FriseMedium
Black & Tan CoonhoundExtra-Large
Black Forest HoundLarge
Black Russian TerrierLarge
Blue Picardy SpanielLarge
Bluetick CoonhoundLarge
Border CollieLarge
Border TerrierSmallMedium
Bosnian Rough-Coated HoundLarge
Boston TerrierSmallMedium
Bourbonnais PointerLargeExtra Large
Bouvier des FlandresExtra-Large
BoxerExtra Large
Bracco ItalianoExtra-Large
Braque St. GermainExtra Large
Briquet Griffon VendeenLarge
Brittany SpanielLargeExtra Large
Bruno Jura LaufhundLargeExtra Large
Brussels GriffonMedium
Bull BoxerLargeExtra Large
Bull TerrierLargeExtra-Large
BulldogLargeExtra Large
Ca De BestiarLargeExtra-Large
Ca De BouLargeExtra-Large
Cairn TerrierSmallMedium
Canaan DogMediumLarge
Cane CorsoLargeExtra-Large
Cardigan Welsh CorgiMedium
Carolina DogMedium
Catahoula LeopardLargeExtra Large
Catalan SheepdogLarge
Cavalier King Charles SpanielSmallMedium
Cesky TerrierMedium
Chart PoskiLargeExtra-Large
Chein d’ArtoisMediumLarge
Chesapeake Bay RetrieverLargeExtra-Large
Chinese CrestedXSmallSmall
Chinese FooLarge
Chinese Shar-PeiLargeExtra-Large
Chow ChowExtra-Large
Cirneco Dell’EtnaSmallMedium
Clumber SpanielLargeExtra-Large
Cocker SpanielMediumLarge
Corded PoodleLargeExtra Large
Coton de TulearMediumLarge
Croatian SheepdogLarge
Curly Coated RetrieverLargeExtra-Large
Czech WolfdogLargeExtra-Large
Czesky FousekLargeExtra-Large
Czesky TerrierSmallMedium
Dandie Dinmont TerrierMediumLarge
Doberman PinscherExtra-Large
Dogue de BordeauxExtra-LargeXXL
Dutch Partridge DogLarge
Dutch SheepdogLarge
Dutch ShepherdLarge
Dutch SmoushondSmallMedium
East Siberian LaikaMediumLarge
English Cocker SpanielMediumLarge
English CoonhoundLargeExtra-large
English FoxhoundLargeExtra-large
English SetterExtra-Large
English ShepherdLargeExtra Large
English Springer SpanielMediumLarge
English Toy SpanielSmallMedium
English Toy TerrierSmallMedium
Entelbuch Mountain dogLargeExtra Large
Entlebucher SennenhundLargeExtra Large
Epagneul Bleu De PicardieLarge
Epagneul Pont-AudemerLarge
Estrela Mountain DogExtra-Large
Field SpanielMediumLarge
Fila BrasileiroExtra-Large
Finnish HoundLargeExtra-Large
Finnish LapphundLargeExtra-Large
Finnish SpitzMediumLarge
Flat-Coated RetrieverLargeExtra-Large
Fox Terrier – SmoothSmallMedium
Fox Terrier – WireMedium
French BulldogMediumLarge
French Gascony PointerMediumLarge
French Pyrenean PointerMediumLarge
French SpanielMediumLarge
German Hunting TerrierSmallMedium
German PinscherLargeExtra-Large
German ShepherdExtra-Large
German Shorthaired PointerExtra-Large
German SpanielLarge
German SpitzLarge
German Spitz ToySmallMedium
German Spitz: GiantMediumLarge
German Wirehaired PointerExtra-Large
German WolfspitzLargeExtra-Large
Giant SchnauzerExtra-Large
Glen of Imall TerrierMediumLarge
Golden RetrieverExtra-Large
Gorden SetterExtra-Large
Grand Anglo-Francais Blanc Et NoirLargeExtra-Large
Grand Basset Griffon VendeenMediumLarge
Grand Bleu De GascogneLargeExtra-Large
Grand Gascon-SaintongeoisLargeExtra-Large
Grand Griffon VeneenLargeExtra-Large
Great DaneExtra-LargeXXL
Great PyreneesExtra-LargeXXL
Greater Swiss Mountain DogExtra-LargeXXL
Greenland DogLargeExtra-Large
Griffon Fauve De BretagneLarge
Griffon NiveranisLargeExtra-Large
Hanoverian Mountain HoundLargeExtra-Large
Hungarian GreyhoundLargeExtra-Large
Hungarian VizslaExtra Large
Ibizan HoundLargeExtra-Large
Iceland DogMediumLarge
Illyrian SheepdogLargeExtra-Large
Inca Hairless DogMediumLarge
Irish Red & White SetterExtra-large
Irish SetterExtra-Large
Irish TerrierMedium
Irish Water SpanielMediumLarge
Irish WolfhoundExtra-Large
Istrian Rough-Coated HoundLarge
Istrian ShepherdLarge
Istrian Smooth-Coated HoundMediumLarge
Italian GreyhoundSmallMedium
Italian HoundMediumLarge
Italian SpinoneLargeExtra-Large
Jack Russel TerrierSmallMedium
Japanese ChinSmallMedium
Japanese SpitzSmallMedium
Japanese TerrierSmallMedium
Kai DogMediumLarge
Kai KenMediumLarge
Karelian Bear DogMediumLarge
Kerry BeagleLargeExtra-Large
Kerry Blue TerrierMediumLarge
Kooiker DogMediumLarge
Kyi LeoLargeExtra-Large
Labrador RetrieverLargeExtra-Large
Lakeland TerrierMediumLarge
Lancashire HeelerSmallMedium
Lapponian HerderLargeExtra-Large
Large French PointerLargeExtra-Large
Large MunsterlanderLargeExtra-large
Lhasa ApsoMedium
Lucas TerrierSmall
Luzerner LaufhundMedium
Manchester TerrierSmallMedium
Maremma SheepdogLargeExtra-Large
Middle Asian OvcharkaLargeExtra-Large
Miniature Bull TerrierMedium
Miniature DachshundSmall
Miniature Mexican HairlessSmall
Miniature PinscherSmallMedium
Miniature PoodleSmallMedium
Miniature SchnauzerSmallMedium
Neapolitan MastiffExtra-LargeXXL
New Guinea Singing DogMediumLarge
New Zealand HuntawayLargeExtra-Large
Nordic SpitzLargeExtra-Large
Norfork TerrierSmallMedium
North American ShepherdMediumLarge
Norwegian BuhundLargeExtra-Large
Norwegian ElkhoundLargeExtra-Large
Norwich TerrierSmallMedium
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling RetrieverLargeExtra-Large
Old Danish PointerMedium
Old English SheepdogExtra-Large
Olde English BulldoggeLargeExtra-Large
Owczarek PodhalanskiExtra-Large
Parson Jack Russell TerrierSmallMedium
Patterdale TerrierSmallMedium
Pembroke Welsh CorgiSmallMedium
Perdguero De BurgosLarge
Perdiguero PortuguesoMediumLarge
Perro De Pastor MallorquinLargeExtra-Large
Peruvian Inca OrchidMediumLarge
Petit Basset Griffon VendeenMediumLarge
Petit Bleu De GascogneMediumLarge
Petit Griffon De GascogneMediumLarge
Pharaoh HoundLarge
Picardy ShepherdLargeExtra-Large
Picardy SpanielMediumLarge
Plott HoundMediumLarge
Podengo Portugueso MedioMedium
Podengo Portugueso PequenoSmallMedium
Polish HoundLarge
Polish Lowland SheepdogMediumLarge
Polish Tatra SheepdogExtra-Large
Portuguese Cattle DogLarge
Portuguese PointerMediumLarge
Portuguese Shepherd DogLargeExtra Large
Portuguese WatchdogExtra-Large
Portuguese Water DogLargeExtra-Large
Posavac HoundLargeExtra-Large
Prazsky KrysavikSmallMedium
Presa CanarioExtra-Large
Pyrenean MastiffExtra-LargeXXL
Pyrenean SheepdogMedium
Rafeiro Do AlentejoExtra-LargeXXL
Rampur GreyhoundLargeExtra Large
Rat TerrierSmallMedium
Redbone CoonhoundLargeExtra Large
Rhodesian RidgebackExtra-LargeXXL
Russo-European LaikaLargeExtra Large
Saarloos WolfhoundLargeExtra-Large
Sabueso EspanolMediumLarge
Saint BernardExtra-LargeXXL
Saint-Germain PointerLargeExtra-Large
Schwyzer NeiderlaufhundsMediumLarge
Scottish DeerhoundExtra-LargeXXL
Scottish TerrierMediumLarge
Sealyham TerrierMediumLarge
Segugio ItalianoLargeExtra-Large
Shetland SheepdogMedium
Shiba InuMedium
Shih TzuMedium
Shiloh ShepherdLargeExtra-Large
Siberian HuskyLargeExtra-Large
Silky TerrierSmallMedium
Skye TerrierMediumLarge
Slovensky KuvacLargeExtra-Large
Small MunsterlanderMediumLarge
Smooth CollieLarge
Smooth Fox TerrierSmall
Soft Coated WheatonLargeXXL
South Russian SheepdogExtra-Large
Spanish GreyhoundLargeExtra Large
Spanish MastiffExtra-LargeXXL
Spanish PointerLargeExtra Karge
Spanish Water DogMediumLarge
Spinone ItalianoLargeExtra-Large
St. Hubert Jura LaufhundLarge
Staffordshire Bull TerrierLarge
Standard Mancester TerrierSmallMedium
Standard Mexican HairlessMediumLarge
Standard PoodleLargeExtra-Large
Standard SchnauzerMediumLarge
Styrian Rough-Haired Mountain HoundMediumLarge
Sussex SpanielMediumLarge
Swedish ElkhoundLargeExtra large
Swedish LapphundMediumLarge
Swedish VallhundMediumLarge
Thai RidgebackLargeExtra-Large
Tibetan Kyi ApsoLarge
Tibetan MastiffExtra-LargeXXL
Tibetan SpanielMedium
Tibetan TerrierMediumLarge
Tosa InuExtra-Large
Toy American EskimoMedium
Toy Fox TerrierMedium
Toy ManchesterMedium
Toy Mexican HairlessMedium
Toy PoodleSmallMedium
Transylvanian HoundLarge
Treeing Walker CoonhoundLargeExtra-Large
Volpino ItalianoMedium
Welsh Springer SpanielMediumLarge
Welsh TerrierMediumLarge
West Highland WhiteMedium
West Siberian LaikaLarge
Wire Fox TerrierMedium
Wire-Haired VizslaLargeExtra-Large
Wirehaired Pointer GriffonLargeExtra-Large
Yorkshire TerrierSmallMedium
Yugoslavian Mountain HoundLargeExtra-Large
Yugoslavian Tricolored HoundLargeExtra-Large

Size Guide for Pet Heat Pads

Small Size is suited for small breeds or cats. The ideal whelping box would have a pet heat pad which is half the size of the base. So this small should be used with All our Small to Medium Sized Whelping Boxes. The Medium Pet Heat Pad is suited to cats an medium dogs, or several smaller breeds. Our Medium Pet Heat Pad is a perfect fit for our Large Size whelping boxes. Our Large size Pet Heat Pad is the largest pet heat pad available in the UK, most giant breeds have never been able to feel the full benefit of pet heat pads as they are just simply too big! this is perfect in our Extra Large and Extra Extra Large Whelping Boxes. This pet heat pad is truly a large size and a large litter of puppies would benefit significantly from this. If you are un-sure what size pet heat pad to purchase please give us a ring or your welcome to pop in and discuss your options.

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Your whelping boxes look really good, but how much do they cost?

All our whelping boxes are available in standard sizes to order, however Please e-mail us info@warwickwhelpingboxes.co.uk or phone us 0191 5488777 with your requirements, and we can then give you an accurate price, for a box to suit your exact needs.

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How much do you charge for a custom-made whelping box?

If you e-mail us or call us with details of your design, including the overall dimensions, then we’ll be able to provide you with a prompt and accurate quote.

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What are Warwick whelping boxes made of?

All whelping boxes / weaning pens are made from high quality PVC. Easily cleaned. We do not recommend using news paper, as the print may transfer to the box which will not come off. Also newspaper ink may be harmful to puppies. This is our own personal recommendation. Also note altho our whelping boxes are highly durable they are not chewproof.

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How high are the puppy rails (pig rails) from the floor?

Approximately 4” (100mm).

The Puppy Rails are used as a safety device, these can save lifes to stop mum rolling on the newborn puppies. Supervision is highly recommend and to determinded when the rails are to be removed. We find this from our own experience to be around 7 days. All breeds are different and grow at different rates.

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What are the internal dimensions?

Internal dimensions are usually 20mm less than the overall sizes, due to the thickness of the walls. Although on Ultimate whelping boxes they’re 32mm less, as the walls on this model are even thicker than on our other boxes. If you opt for puppy rails, then the living space is reduced by a further 6” (150mm). The rails themselves are 22mm in diameter, with the exception of the Ultimate.

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How thick are the walls?

On most of our whelping boxes, the PVC sections we use for the walls are 10mm thick. However, our Ultimate whelping box features even thicker walls, which are 16mm.

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How high is the door opening off the floor?

Approximately 1” (25mm).

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What cleaners can be used?

The whelping box can be cleaned with most products: detergent, please make sure you use cleaners which are safe for animals. Why not visit our Disinfectant /  Cleaning section where we have a full range of cleaners which are safe for all animals.

We do not recommend newspaper due to the print transfering to the whelping box when wet, but should you wish to use newspaper we suggest using a good quality upvc cream cleaner for any stubborn stains.

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How is the Warwick whelping box assembled?

No tools are required. The bottom section is in one piece with no joins. The wall sections just slot into place on top of the base. If you’ve opted for them, you should then insert the puppy rails. Two of the rails go directly through the walls and the other one fits between them. If you’ve ordered a roofed model, then the roof locates on top of the walls very easily. And that’s it! The Ultimate Whelping Boxes come pre-built shipped on pallets.

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How do I go about placing an order?

To order, it’s essential that you read our Terms and Conditions first, then simply either order online or should you prefer to call us and order over the telephone please call 0191 5488777, or of course your welcome to come into the shop and discuss your options over a free coffee. * sorry this is unavailble at the moment ref covid-19

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What payment methods do you accept?

We accept most payment methods, Credit and Debit cards, also including BACS (please contact us for BACS details.

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How long does delivery take?

Most boxes are manufactured and sent out within 10 working days. Bespoke boxes usually take 14-20 working days. Please allow extra time around the Corona Virus crisis. We are working as fast as we can, however there are some delays due to social distancing.

0191 5488 777 Sales & Assistance