Hurtta Dog Cool Vest Blue (Assorted Sizes)


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Hurtta Dog Cool Vest

Keeping your dog cool

Small is 34cm Neck line x 51cm chest

Medium is 40cm neck line x 60cm chest

Large 48cm neck line x 74cm chest

When it is hot outside, Hurtta Motivation Vests keep your dog cool and refreshed for hours.

They are activated by water, they are light, cool and soft comfortable for your dog to wear.

We have included the recommended size for each breed in the images however we strongly recommend you measure your own dog to confirm size required – we are not responsible for mis-ordering or going from manufacturers sizes if they do not fit your own dog. It is up to you to check

The Hurtta Cooling Vest works by cooling your dog’s heart and lungs which in turn cools the blood temperature around the body. So on a hot summers day when you are out playing with your dog you can reduce the chance of you dog overheating.

The material of the Cooling Vest is ultra absorbent with terry cloth coats locking in as much cool water as possible. You’ll find the vest is ideal for walking, play sessions, training and dog shows even when the its really hot outside.

Simply soak the vest in cool water or run it under a tap. You then wring it out or not depending on your preference and then fit the vest on your dog – it’s incredibly easy to put on your dog.

An ideal fit is a snug fit so that the cool texture of the Cooling Vest can touch your dog’s skin.



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