Veterinary Royal Canin Pill Assist M-L Dog 224g (to give medication to your dog)

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Royal Canin  Dog Pill Assist

Royal canin pill assist medium and large dogs is a supplementary feed for dogs. The pill assist medium and large dogs is a formible croquette that was specially developed to facilitate the administration of medication in adult dogs of medium sized and large breeds over 10 kg. Royal canin pill assist can help support a simpler medication in your dog. Pill assist has a tasty recipe. This very tasty recipe was specially developed to support your dog’s appetite. In 2018, an internal study by royal canin showed that daily tablet intake with pill assist in 97 % of the cases. Thanks to the formible texture, pill assist can be easily customizable and can be modeled around most tablets and pills in different sizes. This allows the medication to be covered and hidden. Pill assist’s recipe was developed with a moderate calorie content. Important note! please consult your vet to determine the best diet for your pet. It is recommended to adapt the size of the main meals depending on the amount of the pill assist croquettes administered.