Ultimate Whelping Box & Add on Pen 24″ High

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Ultimate Whelping Box Extra Large with detachable pen. Size XL or XXL whelping box with the add on pen 46″ x 36″ x 20″ or 59″ x 36″ x 20″ as standard. These are made to order please allow 14-28 working days. Bespoke Boxes and pen are also available please ask us for further information.

Choose the standard pen size, or you can add extra height onto the pen to increase to 24″ and also extend the length of the pen to 46″ – please use the drop down box.

Delivery costs are estimated via a pallet, please contact us to order as we cannot process paypal or card payments over £300 due to anti fraud reasons. Please contact us to order this product.

Please see our full terms and conditions of sale as you are agreeing to these when you order.

Also note orders taken for whelping boxes/pens are made to order for each customer and are covered by our own terms and conditions of sale. Should you wish to cancel or return your order you must accept that there is a cancellation fee chargeable on your order. We have pre-booked time slots for manufacturing, and if order is cancelled this time is then lost. If your order is returned, the whelping box has to be inspected, re-sterilised/cleaned and re-packaged. This will incur a re-stocking fee.

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46" x 46" – XL, 59" x 46" – XXL

Pen Size

Standard, Extend the height to 24", Extend the length to 46", Extend the length & height


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