Ultimate Natural Dog Treat Gift Box 35 Piece Premium Items


HUGE Large 35 Piece Premium Natural Dog Treats


Our Premium Doggee Food Ultimate Treat Box Contains the Following Items

Natural, high in protein , Low Fat yummy treats to last your Dog with a special treat every day for 35 days! (one per day)

2 x Rabbits Ears with Fur

2 x Duck Wings

2 x Rabbit Burgers

2 x Venison Burgers

2 x Beef Curls

4 x Gourmet Golden Paste Sausages

4 x Gourmet Liver Sausages

2 x Large Rabbit Sticks

1 x Paddywack

2 x Tripe Sticks

1 x Large Pork Crunch

1 x Hairy Cow Ear

2 x Mixed Sticks

4 x Chickens Feet