Teruma Catheter Tip 50ml Sterile Syringe (supplied in 2 singles)



2 x 50ml Syringes supplied

Designed for use during irrigation or to connect to tubing and luer connections

Some breeders use these to feed puppies carefully using the catheter tip drip feeding

Ideal for larger feeding quantities

  • Intended for irrigation and for use with luer connections
  • Can also be used for connection to non-ISO compatible luer connections such as nasogastric tubes
  • Latex free gasket reduces the risk of allergic reactions
  • Bold, high precision markings for easy dosing (please take care to protect the ink to long lasting effect of your own choice)
  • Sterilised ready to use
  • Constructed from polypropylene
  • Individually sterile wrapped for safety and security

Disclaimer – We cannot be responsible for mis-use of these products.