Royal Canin Mini Puppy 24 Wet Pouch in Gravy



2 cases of 12 supplies (24) Small breed dogs have a short, intensive growth period, which can be supported by this Royal Canin Wet Mini Puppy dog food. It is essential that your puppy receive plenty of protein and energy in order to get the best possible start in life. With the correct nutrition, your puppy can grow to twenty-times its initial bodyweight in the first 10 months of life. If your dog is provided with the kind of ideal nutrition found in Royal Canin Wet Mini Puppy in this important time of its life, you can expect a life expectancy of 13-16 years.
Royal Canin Wet Mini Puppy wet food contains an antioxidant complex enriched with vitamin E, helping to support natural immune system function. It can also contribute to healthy digestion and balanced intestinal flora.
In the first 10 months of life, puppies have an increased energy need, which helps them to grow strong muscles and bones. This amounts to around 1.6-times the energy needs of an adult dog. Royal Canin Wet Mini Puppy provides your pet with the energy needed for healthy growth and development.
With Royal Canin Wet Mini Puppy, you can be sure you are offering your puppy or young dog the best possible start for a vital canine life, with a high energy content and the nutrients needed for a strong immune system.


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