Royal Canin Maxi Puppy 10 Wet Pouch in Gravy


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  • Support your dog through this key growth phase with Royal Canin Wet Maxi Puppy, ideal for encouraging healthy growth and exploration with hearty chunks of meat in a rich sauce. It provides a tasty meal as well as supporting vitality during growth. The recipe has been specially developed to meet the needs of growing large breed dogs (26-44kg, up to 15 months old). This wet food supports healthy growth, developing a strong immune system and encouraging balanced digestion. All of the ingredients combine to provide your dog with a balanced mix of nutrients with every meal. Royal Canin Wet Maxi Puppy contains all the nutrients, vitamins, minerals and trace elements needed to give your puppy the best start in life!

    Royal Canin Wet Maxi Puppy contains protein-rich meat, grains and vegetable components, as well as an exclusive antioxidant complex with vitamin E. This helps to ensure your puppy develops a strong immune system. Royal Canin Wet Maxi Puppy contains an increased energy content, as large breed dogs can grow quickly in the first months of life. Each high-quality ingredient has been gently cooked to make it particularly digestible and nutritious for your dog’s gut flora. It is practically packaged in 140g pouches, making it quick and easy to serve each meal, either as a complete dish or as a topping for dry food. Royal Canin Wet Maxi Puppy allows you to always have a tasty dish available to optimally support your dog’s in this key development phase!

    Royal Canin Wet Maxi Puppy at a glance:

    • Balanced wet food for puppies and young dogs of large breeds (26-44kg) in the first 15 months of life
    • Optimum nutritional content to meet the needs of growing dogs
    • Antioxidant complex: with vitamin E to support a strong immune system
    • High energy content: to meet the needs of quick-growing young dogs
    • Highly digestible: selected ingredients gently cooked to ensure balanced gut flora
    • Hearty recipe: tender pieces in a delicious sauce, juicy and tasty for high acceptance
    • Balanced nutrient content: for healthy digestion and growth with an ideal content of protein, vitamins, minerals and trace elements
    • Practical 140g pouches: easy to portion and serve


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