Paws On Tour Large Soft Crate Carrier (ideal for transporting Puppies)


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70x50x50cm colour black with blue in parts

Secure your dog whilst travelling with a lightweight and durable carrier. Easy to assemble and collapse for compact storage when not in use. Well-ventilated for fresh air with a choice of openings and anchor points. Canvas Carrier Dimensions: 70x50x50cm Important: To prevent discomfort, ensure your pet is crate-trained before using this product. Ensure your pet has room to stand, turn around, and lie down in their carrier. Ensure your pet gets regular breaks to stretch and exercise. This product has been designed to keep your pet safety enclosed in the car, campsite, or at home. Please do not use this product to carry your pet, as the purpose of this product is for containment only. Please use this to transport only or to contain pets. We are not responsible for mis use by trying to use this as a carrier with pets inside.