Paw Wipes Tub 100 (used for your pets paws)


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Veterinarian approved Paw Wipes provide an easy way to clean your pet’s paws everyday and stop the spread of dirt and odor throughout your home and car. Paw Wipes are stronger and more absorbent than ordinary wipes and contain extra cleansers that remove even the toughest dirt and odors plus conditioners to soothe rough, dry or cracked paws.

– Soothes & conditions paws, aloe & vitamin E.
– Extra strong & absorbent to remove the toughest dirt.
– Convenient & gentle enough to use everyday.

Cleanser, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Deodorizing Fragrance.

How to use: Open tub, remove pet wipe and close lid. Wipe paws until clean. Use daily after walks or play. (Safe for pets that lick or teethe.)