Orozyme Toothpaste Dog and Cat – 70g – With Nozzle & FREE finger brush


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The Orozyme dental care gel is the ideal solution for effective oral hygiene. The peroxidase system contained – an enzyme complex of saliva – helps maintain the natural balance of micro-organisms in the mouth. As the effectiveness of this system depends on the level of saliva formation and it is influenced by the general health condition, feeding and age, it is useful to administer the peroxidase system. Orozyme dental care gel continues to contain a surface active substance that ensures sufficient long contact of orocymes with the teeth and gums. The enzyme complex infiltrates the plaques and thus destroys the basis for bacterial growth. This process supports the destruction of existing plaques and prevents further plaque formation. In addition, plaque is mechanically removed by mild polishing agent contained in the gel with the help of saliva and tongue of the dog.