Nutrisafe Complete Tube Feeding Kit


Tube Feeding Kit Value for money



Tube feeding is sometimes needed for weak puppies & kittens and is a method recommended by most vets to feed puppies who can’t feed from mum.

We strongly recommend if you are not trained in tube feeding that you must seek advise from your veterinary professional to show you how to tube feed your puppy or kitten, or small animal.

Disclaimer – We cannot be responsible for mis-use of these products.

Kit contains:

  • 12 x Nutrisafe Luer-lock Syringes 20ml,
  • 1 x Nutrisafe Drawing-up Straw 15cm,
  • 1 x Nutrisafe PVC Feeding Tube 4fg
  • 1 x Nutrisafe PVC Feeding Tube 5fg
  • 1 x Nutrisafe PVC Feeding Tube 6fg


Why Nutrisafe?

Nutrisafe is an enteral feeding system suitable for small animals. It has been designed to improve the safety of enteral feeding through incompatibility with the standard luer system. The Nutrisafe range includes specially adapted feeding tubes, syringes and other accessories. The range is colour coded purple for easy identification as enteral devices.

NOTE these tubes are compatible with the luer lock type syringes supplies, standard syringes do not fit.

Returns are only accepted on these items if they are in the original sealed outer pack. Sterile items cannot be returned is used or opened.

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