Non Stinky Stuff 150ml

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Non-Stinky Stuff is a pleasant-smelling rub which has been specially formulated for use on sensitive areas and dogs with sensitive skin. It’s extremely versatile and can even be used as a feed supplement – helping your dog from the inside and the outside!

For instructions on how to use Non-Stinky Stuff as a rub, shampoo, or feed supplement, please see our help guide below.

Non Stinky
Non Stinky should be used twice a day.
To use as a massage rub: Apply a light coverage of Non-Stinky Stuff directly to the area and massage thoroughly
ensuring it is absorbed into your pets’ skin.
To use as a shampoo: Combine Non-Stinky Stuff with an equal amount of Stinky Stuff Shampoo Base. Soak your pets
coat (or just the specific area), and massage well into the skin. Leave on for 10-15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. We
recommend using a shampoo wash twice a week.
Always mix a fresh batch before each use, and use within 12 hours.
To use as a feed supplement: For large animals (eg. Horses and cattle) add 20ml to feed once a day. For medium sized
animals (eg. Dogs) add 5ml to feed once a day. For small animals (eg. Cats and rabbits) add 1-2ml to feed once a day.
Ingredients: cold pressed Nigella Sativa, virgin cold pressed Cocos Nucifera, cold pressed Cucurbita pepo L., cold
pressed Helianthus Annuus.
Always patch test before use.