NewGenn Foam Hand Wash – 500ml – rapidly killing viruses, bacteria and fungi


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NewGenn Foam Hand Wash cares for your hands whilst rapidly killing viruses, bacteria and fungi.

Universal Challenge – In recent years three factors have developed into challenges with hand washes:

  • Occupational dermatitis and skin irritation has become too common among those who frequently use traditional hand washes.
  • Most hand washes are not designed to kill bacteria and viruses which was an acceptable omission before the high incidence of food-poisoning in homes became such a global concern.
  • Commerically available cleansing hand washes can contain chemicals that inactivate the antimicrobial agents in other hand washes.

Simple Answer – NewGenn Foam Hand Wash is based on natural plant oils that make it very kind to skin. The plant oil molecules are adapted to make them chemically compatible with the active ingredients in NewGenn Foam Deep Wash, an important fact that helps break the infection cycles in hospitals. Despite being so nice to skin, NewGenn Foam Hand Wash rapidly kills bacteria and many viruses.

How Does It Work?
Bacteria and most viruses are dissolved from the outside going in, while small viruses are dissolved from the inside going out. Our gentle technology kills very dangerous bacteria and viruses, the natural plant oils on which the product is based help your skin. The foam is generated in the pump when the pump is depressed which avoids the need for pressurised containers and ozone destroying chemicals.

Presentation – NewGenn Foam Hand Wash is supplied in 500ml plastic bottles with foam pump.