Net Tex Hand Sanitiser Gel 240ml Hand Disinfectant Kills Virus


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60% Alcohol with added moisturisers

Fully effective against bacteria, yeast fungus and enveloped viruses.

About 80% of all infections are transmitted by the hands. Whether on public transport or in buildings, in the workplace or in all places where many people congregate – in many places there are dangers of infection, especially in the flu or cold season. Our hands are in motion every day and are used for many things. This is how you are constantly in contact with potential hazardous spots: work equipment, door handles, but also simple handshakes can be a risk of infection. Only by hygienic hand disinfection, a possible chain of infection is interrupted and a risk is minimised. Disinfect hands properly. For optimal effect and so that your hands do not have gaps in coverage in hygienic hand disinfection, all skin areas must be rubbed at least 30 seconds with a sufficient amount of hand sanitiser.


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