Mucus Extractor Suction Catheter – Puppy or Kitten – Tube & Pot re – useable


Hand sanitiser used for cleaning hands inbetween using the aspirator to clear airways of puppies. Essential items when expecting a litter of puppies



1 x sterile

  • with Trap
  • 14ch, 33cm suction catheter with terminal eye only
  • Soft PVC, sterile, straight peel pouch
  • With sponge filter
  • Spare cap, screw fit
  • Sterile packed ready to use
  • Instructions provided on use
  • This is used for puppies , kittens, and other small animals to manually suck out mucus from mouth and nose. Or any area needed.
  • Product manufactured for veterinary healthcare professionals
Note Disclaimer: We are not responsible for mis-use of this product. If in doubt please seek a professional VET for assistance on use

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