Mini Whelping kit ‘ The basics’


Whelping Kit Value for money


Note Items may have visual names on the outside packing to show the contents – please request this from us when ordering if you do not wish to display or keep your purchase private

We also supply Printed Guides for Thermometer, Aspirator & Cord  

These are printed and included with your whelping kit – no need to download these

1 x sterile stainless steel scissors

1 x sterile forceps stainless steel

5 x Sterile individual Cord Clamps (assorted colour supplied) single use

1 x Mucus Extractor (we will supply one device with instructions for mucus removal from puppies / kittens)

2 x sterile lubricant

1 x Thermometer

1 x tray

1 x Iodine

Opened kits are excluded from returns

Scissors, Forceps and clamps arrive sterile packed so please only open when you are ready to use them.

Note these kits can be used for Puppies – these are professional medical use products


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