Mini Whelping kit Small Breed with 10 Cord Clamps


Whelping Kit Value for money

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We also supply Printed Guides for Thermometer, Aspirator & Cord  

These are printed and included with your whelping kit – no need to download these

Note these kits can be used for Puppies – these are professional medical use products

1 x pair of stainless steel forceps straight 13cm over all length.
1 x pair of scissors.

10 x Small none sterile single use cord clamps (cannot be re-used and will stay attached to the cord cut to remove).
1 x sterile lubrication to help presentation of puppies – especially useful if your dog is carrying a smaller amount of puppies as they grow larger than average therefore been more difficult to pass.

6 x sanicloth device wipes individually sealed for wiping devices in between uses.

1 x thermometer digital for taking of bitches temperature .

1 x none sterile Aspirator assorted colour maybe supplied

2 x pair none sterile gloves

1 x Iodine ready to use

1 x Hand Sanitizer

1 x 2ml Syringe

1 x 5ml Syringe


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