Mini Basic Whelping Kit with Ancol Whelping Collars – FREE shpping on this item


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Mini Whelping Kit 638a

1 x Sterile Forceps (Clamping Cord)

1 x Sterile Scissors (Cutting Cord or Sac)

1 x Thermometer (taking bitches temperature)

1 x Thermometer Guide

5 x Single Use none sterile

Cord Clamps (temporary Clamp of Cord cut to remove)

1 x Cord Guide

2 x Sterile Lubricant (helps with presentation)

6 x Hygiene/ Sanicloth Device wipes

1 x Blue Aspirator Extractor (assorted colour / to Clear Air ways)

1 x Disposable tray

1 x Ancol Whelping Collars

1 x Iodine

2 Pair None sterile gloves (assorted type & Colour supplied)