Mikki Nursing Kit Bottle & Teat with cleaning brush


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  • FOR HAND FEEDING NEWBORN AND ORPHANED SMALL ANIMALS – the Mikki nursing kit will help make a stressful time a bit easier
  • COMPLETE KIT – includes bottlewith teat (approx. 50ml capacity), spare teat and bottle cleaning brush
  • REUSABLE – the bottle must be cleaned after each use in warm soapy water (not exceeding 60°C) and then rinsed well in cold water to remove all traces of soap – Please preserve the ink /numbers on the outside of bottle by your own means as with cleaning they may disappear 
  • SEALED TEAT FOR CHOICE OF FLOW – before you begin, use a the tip of a pin or scissors to make an appropriately sized opening in the teats; the opening must be kept small so that the animal does not choke or take in too much air
  • GENTLE AND SAFE – gently introduce this into the animal’s mouth allowing the animal to suck the liquid