Life Line 3.5fr Tube Feeding Kit (clear)


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3.5fr Tube feeding kit by Lifeline

Please seek Vet advise on how to use this kit if you have not tube fed before.


  • Our Lifeline tube feeding kits are literally a Lifesaver!
  • Available in multiple size feeding tubes these kits are perfect for saving critically ill small animals who cannot nurse
  • Each kit is reusable and should be sterilized after each use
  • To keep tube soft and flexible you can keep it in hot water

Kit Includes:

  • 1 – Size 3.5 French Style Feeding Tube
  • 1 – 12ml All-Plastic Syringe
  • 1 – Microwave Steam Sterilizer bag (20 uses per bag)

Tubes measure 16″ long

The recommended tube sizes are as follows:

  • Size 3.5: Kittens & Small Puppies
  • Size 5: Small Puppies
  • Please follow the instructions and pay specific attention to the following:
    1. You must trim the large end of the feeding tube to fit the offset slip tip syringe easily done with scissors or snips
    2. Boiling the feeding tube in hot water before use will allow it to become flexible
    3. Using hot water to flush the tube and syringe is recommended after each feeding
    4. Make sure to mark the tube with a permanent marker as the animal grows so you know how far to insert
    5. Instructions are included with each kit


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