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King K9 Muscle and Performance contains a broad range of essential vitamins on a high protein base. This combination of Vitamins & minerals is vital to allow optimum development of the dog throughout training and development. Supporting metabolism, bone and muscle formation along with the immune system allows the dog to respond quickly to the demands of the regime it is in.

The high level of available protein is key in ensuring a balanced supply of amino acids. Without the essential amino acids required for muscle growth, the dog may not be able to develop the optimum muscle condition. Without high-quality protein available in the diet, the overall performance and subsequent recovery may be compromised, having an impact on general health & wellbeing as well as appearance.

In addition to these key ingredients, optimum levels of essential omega fatty acids have been included to further support muscle function and development, as well as skin and coat condition.

Further support is provided from the inclusion of Joint protective ingredients chondroitin & glucosamine. A maintenance level of these has been included to ensure joint function is supported during growth and development, a particular benefit in fast-growing breeds and those with a high level of lean muscle.

Muscle and Performance is the ideal supplement for any dog undertaking a training regime, as well as for growing dogs and older dogs at risk of muscle loss. Including this supplement in the diet will help ensure the development of healthy muscle is supported while maintaining a healthy skeletal system to support hard work.

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