Herbal Life Drops Spray 30ml 100% natural warming revival



  • In a spray / pump – suitable for most new born animals
  • stimulate a healthy reaction from all major organs of the body.
  • Can be used for newborn puppies to initiate or stimulate respiration to newborns that are failing to thrive following difficult birth or C-section.
  • Herbal Kick Start spray. Use to Kick Start the vital force in new born and strugling animals. Elderly animals benefit from Life Drops warming actions. Should be a vital product in every farmers pocket when lambing. Traditional herbal oral spray used to support all major organs of the body and kick start the vital force.
    Use with new born, elderly and strugling animals.
    For new born animals that are strugling spray directly into the mouth. Repeat every 10-15 minutes until improvement is seen.
    Vital for lambing.
    Capsicum minimum: The whole body feels the warming benefits.
    Mentha piperita: Specific for stomach and intestines.
    Sambucus nigra flos: To promote peripheral circulation.
    Cola nitida:Supports the nervouse system. Also supports mood and cognitve behaviour.
    Crataegus oxycanthoides: Heart supportive.


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