F10 Hand Gel 500ml Hand Disinfectant Kills Virus 500ml


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F10 Hand Gel 500ml Bottle

DESCRIPTION; Not all disinfectants are the same. F10 products are recommended and used by veterinarians, leading zoos and breeders world wide. F10 Hand-Gel is a waterless skin decontaminant. It has the rapid kill times and broad spectrum of F10SC and is completely safe and non irritant. We use this product all the time when handling amphibians or reptiles, obviously ideal in any capacity…kennels, catteries, with rodents, mammals, birds, aviaries…the list is endless for these amazing products. Unlike other hand gels the F10 doesn’t dry out the skin as it does not rely on alcohol to kill with, plus it has an ongoing residual effect staying effective against any new harmful bacteria and viruses.


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