Exclusive Whelping Kit with 400g Royal Canin Puppy Milk & Bottle Set


Whelping Kit Value for money


Warwick Deluxe with  RC Milk Whelping Kit, Great value for money everything you need in one box! note the boxes are labelled ‘ Whelping Kit’ and maybe seen externally when in transit, if you require plain packing please add a note to your order 😉


1 x stethoscope assorted colour, 1 pair gloves supplied loose or in accessory pack, 5 pack of disposable towels assorted type / colour supplied (throw away do not wash) , 2 pack of whelping box pads (ready to use) Disposable, 10 x Paper ID bands (assorted colours) Temporary ID, 1 x Digital thermometer, 1 x sterile scissors,1 x 2ml syringe,1 x 5ml syringe,1 x sterile forceps stainless steel,5 x Cord Clamps (assorted colour supplied),1 x Mucus Extractor (one device supplied with instructions) ,3 x hygiene wipes,1 x sterile lubricant, 4 x fast aid wipes,2 x antibacterial wipes,1 x 400g baby dog milk  puppy Milk,1 x Feeding Bottle teats supplied inside the tin.

Printed Guides included the the stethscope, thermometer, aspirator, forceps/clamps

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