Emergency Delivery Pack & Puppy Survival Kit



  • This Delivery Pack whelping kit , it is all sterile sealed instruments and cord clamps and comes with a tray to keep your equipment safe and in one place along with a sterile field sheet
  • .
    This delivery pack contains 2 x pair of stainless steel forceps straight 13cm over all length

1 x sterile cord scissors

1 x standard scissors

5 sterile single use cord clamps (cannot be re-used and will stay attached to the cord)

The Puppy Survival Kit

1 x Herbal Puppy Life Drops

1 x Mucus Extractor aspirator bulb 2 ounce

1 x Mucus Extractor aid

& printed guide included

These are for professional use and you should seek advise if you are not sure how to use such products from your local vet
We are not responsible for mis-use of any products sold.
These arrived sterile packed so please only open when you are ready to use them.
The instruments can state single use, however some are stainless steel they can be re-sterilised and re-used.