Dog Toy Rainbow Monkey Soft Toy Bright Large 36cm Comforter Rosewood Plush


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Gorgeous Soft Rainbow Monkey Soft Toy – 35cm tall large size
Ideal for puppies to snuggle up to in there whelping box or any adult dog who loves cuddle comforter toys bright stripe rainbow Sonny Monkey

-Warning: This toy has been designed for interactive play. However, this toy is not indestructible, and is not designed for persistent chewers. Please supervise your dog whilst they play with this toy. Please be mindful when selecting a toy for your dog.
-We are committed to reducing our packaging and using recycled and recyclable packaging. This item is supplied with packaging that is widely recycled.

-Please note that this toy is designed for  gently play and is not indestructible. For safety reasons dogs should be supervised when playing with toys.