Dog Nose Balm Skin Paw Hemp By Hound Natural & Vegan friendly Large 50g 1.76 fl

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For your Dogs sore or cracked nose.

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  • HOWND SKIN, NOSE & PAW Balms protect, soothe and moisturise all year round!.
  • This balm is 100% vegan, unscented, fast-absorbing and natural.
  • The balms can be used in the summer months to protect the snout and outer ear areas from UVA and UVB rays, as well as any exposed skin; and in the winter period to protect a dog’s soft pads on ice and salted pavements.
  • Moisturizes dog paws with all natural hemp
  • Excellent products to help dry paws in winter conditions, or summer heat conditions




Important note, this product does not substitute any Veterinary treatment, If you dog has blisters or other signs of more than just a dry nose please seek vet advice.


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