Doddle Training Dog Harness Black – Anti Pull Harness


Anti Pull Training Harness – Our Doddle harness makes walking your dog a Doddle! Best used with a half check collar (not included) , not suitable for some breeds with long hair but why not come to our shop and try one for yourself see if it works for you and your dog



See the Doddle in action !


Anti Pull Training harness – The Doddle harness is our own Brand and you cannot buy it anywhere else

tried and tested my me and my own dogs! Can’t fault how well they work, its hard to believe, but they really do work.

Recommended by Dog Trainers – we supply from our store Top dog trainers. Ideal for bull breeds to save pressure on neck using either collars, or other devices which dont work.

kind and gentle on you dog no more yanking , or your Dog Pulling Your arm off!

Ideal for Bull Breeds who have tendancy to choke/cough with a standard training collar as they pull so hard.

would suit other breeds too!

For dogs who pull severely I recommend using with either an existing half check collar you may already have or you can purchase one from our shop and clip the two rings into your lead for maximum control.

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Small 16-18", Small-Medium 20-25", Medium 25-28", Medium-Large 28-34", Large 34-44"