Deluxe Whelping Kit with Delivery Pack & Royal Canin Baby Dog Milk Kit & 6 S/M Collars


Value for money Whelping Kit

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Warwick Deluxe Kit & 6 S/M Puppy Collars


Deluxe Comprehensive Kit

1 Pink stethoscope ( maybe assorted colour supplied  supplied )

1 pair sterile gloves inside accessory pack including apron

1 x 400gram Royal Canin 1st age Milk Kit complete with feeding bottle, teats and measuring scoop (bottle inside tub)

5 pack of whelping towels cotton – these are puppy size not small face cloths – re-usable /  washable

2 pack of whelping box pads own brand 1100ml absorbancy rate – soft and quilted – disposable

2 x 2ml sterile syringes

2 x 5ml sterile syringes

2 x 1ml sterile syringes

1 pack of sterile cotton wool boxed

10 x Paper ID bands (assorted colours) for temporary identification

1 x Digital thermometer and case

Warwick Delivery Pack containing the following items:

This delivery pack is bespoke to Warwick and is not available anywhere else. beware of cheap copies

1 x sterile scissors tissue stainless steel ( not the cheap blue handled scissors )

2 x sterile forceps stainless steel

1 x cord scissors

5 single use cord clamps

1 pulp tray to keep altogether


1 x sterile 2 oz bulb aspirator

6 x hygiene wipes

2 x sterile lubricant

4 x fast aid wipes

apron disposable

4 x antibacterial wipes

1 x Hand Sanitizer

Sterilising tablets

1 x 6 S/M Trixie puppy collars (random colours supplied)

FreeGuide (No longer supplied on a CD – PDF printable forms now downloads

this comes with a free whelping guide with helpful information – we are experienced and have written this guide from our years of knowledge, and with the help of a top vet – Once you have received your whelping kit please follow instructions on the pick sheet inside your kit on access to the free guide

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