Deluxe Whelping Kit with 250g Lactol & Ancol Velcro Puppy ID Collars


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Warwick Deluxe with Lactol Whelping Kit

We recommend purchasing this whelping kit at least 2 weeks before your girls due date so you can familiarise yourself with the contents and also you will need to take your girls temperature at least a week before she is due to help you  know whelping will happen so you can be there to help if she needs you.

1 x pack 12 Ancol Velcro Puppy ID collars

1 stethoscope assorted colour

1 pair gloves supplied loose or in accessory pack

5 x disposable towels assorted type / colour supplied (throw away do not wash)

2 x  whelping box pads (ready to use) Disposable

10 x Paper ID bands (assorted colours) Temporary ID cut in half for smaller or narrow width if needed

1 x Digital thermometer

1 x sterile scissors

1 x 2ml syringe

1 x 5ml syringe

1 x sterile forceps stainless steel

5 x Cord Clamps (assorted colour supplied)

1 x sterile 2 oz bulb aspirator

3 x hygiene wipes

1 x sterile lubricant

4 x fast aid wipes

2 x antibacterial wipes

1 x 250g Lactol puppy Milk

1 x Feeding Bottle teats and brush set assorted (Beaphar or Trixie supplied)

We can supply a free whelping guide with every kit – please register in our website if you have not already, and email us your order number – We will then email you the link to the guide within 24 hours

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