Net-Tex Puppy Lifeline Survival Pack Colostrum and Nutridrops


Life Line Kit for Puppies

Contains 100g colostrum and 30ml dropper bottle pet breeder drops. This kit is a must for any expectant puppies.

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Last Updated 7th August 2019 : current stock is dated

Colostrum 100g: Jan 2021

Pet Breeder Drops 30ml dropper bottle :Dec 2020

Col-late  (Net-tex) Life Line Puppy Survival Kit Pack contains: 1 x 30ml dropper bottle Col-Late Nutri Drops for dogs 1 x 100gm Jar First life Puppy Colostrum

The first and most important feed of your puppy’s life. Can be used as a routine first feed for puppies up to 36 hours of life. For large litters that are competing for natural colostrum. Bottle feeding the week.


100g colostrum :

100% colostrum derived supplement, formulated to match the bitches colostrum. Use as a routine first feed for puppies for the first 36 hours of life. First life will keep in liquid for up to 72 hours.


Newborn pups:
 10g (one measure) in 20ml water per 110g bodyweight.
2 Day Pups: 10g (one measure) in 40ml water per 110g bodyweight


Pet Breeder drops:

Liquid source of glucose, vitamin B, amino acids, vitamins A, D and E and trace minerals.

Provides rapid absorption of essential nutrients and energy for pups and bitches and helps stimulate appetite.


Newborns: 1ml (one pump) per 0.90kg body weight, or 0.1ml per 90gm bodyweight. May be repeated every 6 hours
Critical aid: 1ml (one pump) per 1.36kg bodyweight
Slow whelping bitches: 1ml (one pump) per 10lbs (4.5kg) bodyweight

Sizes available: 1 x 30ml dropper bottle (Code 0641)


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