Box of 100 Sterile BD Syringes : Size 10ml



These are popular with AI users, and fertitily clinics. These are also used to tube feed puppies / kittens

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  • Needles not included
  • All Plastic no rubber (rubber can effect sperm if used for AI) 
  • Syringe Volume  10ml
  • Luer Slip Nozzle
  • Eccentric Tip
  • Without Needle
  • Latex free design helps eliminate the reaction to latex allergens
  • Individually Sterile Wrapped
  • Silicon lubrication ensures that plunger moves smoothly and evenly
  • Leak Tight – Syringes are tested during manufacture in compliance with ISO 7886-1
  • Two piece syringe consisting of polypropylene barrels and high density polyethylene plungers
  • Syringes contain a plunger retention ring which avoids the accidental pull out of the plunger

 CE marked