AFP Cooling Mat (Medium or Large)




AFP cool mats

 Blue Medium 50cm x 40cm or Large 90cm x 60cm

 Cool Mat

May maybe light blue or darker blue plain or patterned depending on stocks

•supports regulation of body temperature on warm days

•cooling effect through body contact

•works without additional cooling, electricity or water

•cools for several hours

•ready to be used again after a short interruption

•can also be used e.g. on beds, in dog kennels or in the car

•simply wipe to clean

important note not suitable for pets who would chew or dig – cool mats could tear with claws.

These are designed to be lay on and not dug up or clawed. It may cause damage to the mat and make it un-usuable.

If you have a dog with a tendancy to dig or chew these cool mats will not be for them.

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Medium, Large