3 Pack 5cc/ml Extended Life Line Nursers


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These are  5cc/ml Syringe  with the Extended Nipple Nurser (with pre-made hole)

You will receive three nurser’s in this listing as pictured

Lifeline Products are Exclusively Available to us here in the UK and we are the official distributors of Lifeline in the UK. Beware of cheap re-productions fake or ‘American Style ‘ these are not original items.


Syringe Nursing is sometimes needed for weak puppies & kittens and is a method recommended by most Breeders to feed puppies who can’t feed from mum. These are ideal for feeding with minimal air intake for the puppy and easy administration with the syringes so its clear how much is been fed.

We strongly recommend if you are not familiar with feeding this method to ask a professional for advise.

Disclaimer – We cannot be responsible for mis-use of these products.

Syringes are easy and clear to read.  These are the best on the market. Note the numbers / marking may wash off after time, the manufacturers recommend applying clear tape or similar to stop the numbers washing off when sterilizing.

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