12 Hook n Loop Self seal ID Bands

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deal for use for the first week to ID your puppies until they can transfer to the next stage collar (please see our other items for more puppy ID collars)

These are approx 29cm and can be cut

10mm thick

and helps them get used to wearing a collar

These are used to identify puppies in a litter – fabric hook n loop Band self fastening bands

Must be checked daily for fit – carefully stick self fasten and do not over lap –

do not allow mum to chew these collars

do not over tightened

check incase any objects can fit underneath the bands – check incase puppies legs/paws as with all collars

These can be kept on the pup as grows just buy simply adjusting the collar with ease.

Puppy ID Band / collars – hook n loop is a fabric which is well known and used for various uses.

There are rough parts to the band which is standard for hook n loop material. These are not completely smooth in finish.

Please ensure correctly fastened so these do not rub or cause any abrasions due to incorrect fitment.

Recommended supervision when in use. Never leave your puppies un-attented while wearing any type of band or ID collar.