Warwick Pet Heat Pad Large 80cm x 50cm

Pet Heat Pad
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Manufacturer: Warwick

Large Vinyl Pet Heat Pad with removable fleece cover.   80cm x 50cm 240v / 50hz -

 costs only a few pence a day to run.

Also available in two Small size heat pads and Medium Size Heat Pads


These are controlled by an inbuilt thermostat maintaining a safe temperature of 38C F (when the ambient temperature is around 15C F)

Did you know?

The average temperature of a healthy dog is 101 °F or 38 °C, however, the normal temperature of a healthy dog may range from 99 °F to 102.5 °F (37.2 °C–39.2 °C).


Heat pads for dogs are a fantastic source of heat in the colder months, and our pet heat pads will be treasured by your pet.!

We also have Medium Heat pads and large heat pads for dogs, cats or other pets. Its like your pets own electric blanket!


Also suitable for litters of puppies as a whelping box heat pad. This Large size heat pad is designed to fit our Large/Extra Large sized whelping boxes. A heat pad should be used for puppies as they cannot regulate there own temperature for the first week of there life and rely on mum and litter mates. These heat pads take out the worry...


These heat pads are also fantastic for older pets, or pets with joint pain. The pet heat pad gives a soothing warmth to any pet.

To be used in conjunction with an RCD, and regularly checked.

The heat pads should always be kept flat, dry and not creased or folded. Always to used in conjunction with RCD 'residual current device' electronic safety device. Do not puncture or use if the heat pad becomes damaged.


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